Essay Series Part 5: I've Got Two Pens...

Giving Feedback the Traditional Way

compare and contrast essays

In part 5 of the Compare/Contrast Essay Series, we explore the beauty of rough draft feedback.

Time for the handing back of rough drafts! Students have put together their introduction rough drafts, body paragraph rough drafts, and conclusion rough drafts to form a first draft of their Compare/Contrast Essay about the topic:

Is our modern American society more similar to or different from the Uglies Dystopian Society/World?

Basically,  are Americans doomed as a society to become a dystopian world? Here is an outline of general feedback from me for drafts:


  • Picture of other focus areas (inserted after notes):

Exemplar papers from BOTH organizational methods:

Block Method:

Point-By-Point Method:

Title shoutout: "Sinking Ship or Dawn of a New Age" and "Non-Fiction and Fiction: Opposites or Synonyms"