Sneak Peek: November Blogging Challenge!

November Blogging Challenge

Quick Write Blogging

So, after a busy weekend, I am coming around to looking at my take-home-and-grade bag and I am also looking at Writing Mindset. It was October 13 the last time I posted on the blog. My grading bag is still full and I am feeling like I am not reaching my goals of taking less paperwork home. I gave myself some time to feel overwhelmed, and then I formulated a plan. Time to rejuvenate! This is an overview post of what you will see over the next month. I won't post over Thanksgiving break...but every other day? You are about to see plenty of a different way. 

This lack of posting on the blog is not due to a lack of ideas or even a lack of wanting to share what is happening in my classroom. It is always a matter of time with this profession. So much good writing. So many times I can share room for reflection. Instead of NaNoWriMo this year, I am going to challenge myself to a quick write blogging challenge...starting tomorrow. If I am able to take away the pressure or creating a blog post masterpiece, and simply vow to share what I am thinking and reflecting on each day, I have won in two different areas: 1.) I am writing and 2.) I am sharing with the Writing Mindset community. Here is the format:

  1. Chat: These quick posts will share interesting chat topics from colleagues or interns. Sometimes the best conversations with our peers are how we develop the most! I always tell interns, our greatest resource is each other.

  2. Journal Entry: These are personal reflections. They can involve an evaluation of a lesson or simply a focus on mindset.

  3. Research: I always want to look in to more research, but simply don't have the time. I will be sharing quick bites of research I find interesting that apply to the Writing Mindset community.

  4. Snaps: I am going to try to post more pictures! I know I have Instagram for a lot of this, but something about seeing pictures on the blog seems important as well.

  5. Strategy: These are specific strategies I use everyday, every month, or each year. I will pause to do a quick post about a strategy that seems to be working well in class, or it needs to be reworked.

Posts will have these headers:

We will see how this format carries over throughout the month. Perhaps, I will have developed a way to blog and teach at the same time. Now, that I have given everyone a heads up, I am going to start thinking about tomorrow's post! Comment below if you have specific areas of interest that would make for a quick post. 

Writing Mindset Reflection: When faced with a writing slump, how do you solve the problem? As teachers of writing, how do we make sure WE are constantly engaged in the action of writing as well?