How I Am Adding Exercise Into My Teaching Schedule

Walk. Jog. Run. Repeat. 


I hate working out. I rather grade 100 rough drafts on a Saturday night without rubric codes than complete a workout at times. Not that I don't want to move my body, but the feeling of sweat, the time, the showers, and the allocation of energy just isn't there on any given day that I am teaching. Considering that the 21 days to form a habit idea is a myth, I am going to give it the 70 days needed to form a concrete habit. I am halfway through. This post is my halfway update.  I would like to say in advance, my goals do not involve becoming a marathon athlete or a bodybuilder (yet both are great goals), my goals simply involve moving my body more to build an immune system. 

Why Am I Doing This Now?

I have tried working out in the past. I have done it lose weight. I have done it to tone. I have done it to try to be "in the best shape I can be." I have stopped every time. It didn't matter if it was in the summer, fall, winter, or spring. The problem with teaching is that we are robbed of time. I use the verb robbed intentionally because it is often ourselves who rob our own selves of time. The pressure of the job does this to us. We do this to us. It is a vicious cycle. 

December 12, 2017, marked two weeks after I got strep throat. This strep throat put me down. I haven't had strep as an adult and the two days I missed school was painful. Two weeks later? I was sick again. They thought it was viral or allergies, but either way, I still felt like crud. My immune system was and is not working as it should.

My husband is my inspiration for this journey as he managed to live with me during strep throat and never get it. He also is an avid gym goer that takes care of himself. He has a work-life balance. While we have different types of jobs, his work ethic in taking care of himself is the inspiration to work out to get a better immune system. I don't want to lose weight. I don't want to build muscle. I just want to be healthier to fight the good fight each and every day.  

If I get ripped arms that would be cool, too. 


Because I have tried many different types of exercises and many different schedules, I know which ones I am more likely to do. I stick to walk-jogging on the treadmill and yoga. I also love barre class, but it is hard to get to after I have already arrived home and I am not likely to head back out to a 6 pm class. 

Goal 1: Walk-Jog 5 miles a week. Why 5? Because 3 feels like too few and 10 feels like a million. Also, my goal is to do this until Spring Break on March 24, so it works out to about 70 miles total. I am currently at 25 miles. 

Goal 2: Try to work in yoga or barre as much as possible. I love the FitStar Yoga App, but I also have 7 others on my phone in case I get bored with the first one. My goal is to start with 1-2 times a week. If I am feeling extra ambitious, i combine the walk-jogging with yoga. 

Goal 3: Try to increase hydration before and after working out because I know that going to the bathroom isn't always an option during the day at work. 

My Progress


I am using my bullet journal spread to keep track of the days and miles I run. I am not counting minutes because I personally know that this won't work for me. I am counting how far I am going. I know I can come home on a busy day and jog at least a mile. This won't take me more than 20 minutes to do, and it still counts. 

As far as how I feel, I have more energy and I do feel a difference in my legs. This is not a large difference, but I am constantly reminding myself I am doing this to build my immune system and to be stronger. This seems particularly important as I think I am getting sick again. I am going to stick to the course because taking care of myself physically is the one area that I know that will I bargain on. I can take as many breaks to journal, or read as many educational blogs, or enjoy as much poetry as I can with my morning cup of coffee, but it matters to me to also be physically well. 

Advice Mini-Round-Up

Because the realm of exercise advice is vast and pretty much everyone has said it, I wanted to do a small round-up of great advice particular tailored to teachers and people in the field of education. 

On Habit

On Exercise in Education



1.) Figure out what exercise works for you. Start small with 1-2 times a week and build. 

2.) Figure out a way to increase hydration. Especially at night time or in the evening!

3.) Be prepared to fail. And then try again. 

Writing Mindset Reflection: How do you incorporate exercise or fitness into your teaching schedule? How do you maintain your health while teaching?