First Week of Creative Writing Camp in Review

A Writing Collaboration

writing camp 1

The McGinnis Reading Center and Third Coast Writing Project Camp for Young Writers have teamed up this year to put on a MEGA reading and writing camp! We had our first week this past week with Middle Schoolers focusing on WorldBuilding: Taking the Scenic Route. Students started to create the elements of their own worlds focusing on character, setting, plot, and conflict. Here is the lesson breakdown:

Day 1 Teaching Video: 

The act of creating a world is an act of revolution
— Keri Smith

Day 2 Teaching Video: 

You must learn to be three people at once: writer, character, and reader
— Nancy Kress

Day 3 Teaching Video: 

You can make anything by writing
— C.S. Lewis

Day 4 Teaching Pictures:

The only writer to whom you should compare yourself is the writer you were yesterday
— David Schlosser

Students used the following pictures to create scenes. A good scene contains dialogue, a thoughtshot, and a snapshot. 

Day 5 Teaching Videos:

One drop of ink can make a million think
— Lord Byron

The following videos were used to discuss the different types of conflict in literature. Students then discussed what makes each conflict interesting and what writing strategies have to be used for each one. 

Person Vs. Self

Person vs. Person

Person vs. Society

Person vs. God/Fate/Time/Supernatural (Stopped at 1:30)

Person vs. Technology

Person vs. Nature