May Teacher Poetry Challenge 2019

It’s Gonna Be May…


I couldn’t help myself. I am still amused when I see the Justin Timberlake memes floating around during this week and all of the “first week of May” school year postings. This year, I wanted to try something a little different on the blog and for myself. I wanted to propose a challenge for my own writing life, and the reflection of those amazing writers around me to write every day in the month of May…about teaching. The May Teacher Poetry Challenge is not just for teachers, but it is designed to help those in the field of education reflect at the end of the year.

Here is the prompt calendar:


Download Link for Prompt Calendar in Image/PNG (Great for computer backgrounds)

Download Link for Prompt Calendar in PDF (Great for printing)

My plan is to update this post everyday in the month of May and also share some of my writing. The goals of this challenge are to:

  1. Reflect on teaching (The process, the act, the strategies…all of it)

  2. Write about teaching (Using narrative writing and poetry as a guide)

  3. Share the insider perspective on teaching (So others can know what we know)

I think any genre of poetry is fair game. If you get inspired by the prompt and it takes you in a completely different direction, why not? My main method of writing will be in free-verse. I am going to try to write and share without worrying about my “final draft perfectionism.” The goal is to reflect, write, and share about teaching in all of its imperfections. Here is Taylor Mali’s “What Teacher’s Make” video to get some inspiration for your next writing project:

Writing Mindset Posts


May Poetry Challenge Posts.png

May 2: ODE TO…

May Poetry Challenge Posts copy.png

May 3: Book Inspired

May Poetry Challenge Posts copy 2.png

May 4: Grading

May Poetry Challenge Posts copy 5.png

May 5: Place in Classroom

May Poetry Challenge Posts copy 3.png

May 6: Spring

May Poetry Challenge Posts copy 4.png

May 7: Haiku


May 8: Testing

May 9: Behavior

May 10: I Wish…

May 11: Hello/Goodbye

poetry prompt

May 12: Pencil/Pen

May 13: Summer

May 14: Lunch

May 15: Coffee/Tea

coffee poetry

May 16: A Story

May 17: Gratitude

May 18: I Wish I Could…

May 19: Library

May 20: Fall

May 21: Mentor

May 22: Fear

May 23: Plot Twist

May 24: Victory

May 25: Your Favorite Word

May 26: Tired

May 27: Winter

May 28: Now I Know

May 29: Checklist

May 30: Homework

May 31: About Me

Writing Mindset Reflection: Are you participating in the challenge? What interesting points have come up in your reflection? How often are you writing as a teacher?