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Are you a teacher of writing? Do you love to write? Writing Mindset is an online blog that started in February 2017. By focusing on your write mind, you can sustain your practice and encourage others to be amazing teachers of writing. 

If you love words and like to talk about teaching or writing, you are in the right place. Writing Mindset serves

  • Teachers of writing (aka ALL teachers)

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  • Anyone in the education community that is concerned about teacher burnout

Hi, I'm Stephanie! 

I have four areas of my life I try to focus on to encourage the coveted work to life balance: Teacher, Happy, Love, and Life.

Teacher: I am a middle school ELA teacher that LOVES feedback. I mentor new teachers, and I am constantly on a mission to find new strategies to use in the classroom. I am also on a mission to stop burnout. 

Happy: Coffee, Pinterest, Reading, Poetry, Bonfires, Memes, Michigan Seasons, Crime Shows, Hairspray

Love: Husband, Husky-Lab, Family & Friends, Writing Mindset Passion Project

Life: Juggler of many hats including teacher, wife, blogger, writer, friend, daughter, etc. See where the coffee is needed?

Teacher. Happy. Love. Life.



Element #1: Teacher

Element #1: Teacher

I currently teach in an urban district in Kalamazoo, MI. Kalamazoo is known for the Kalamazoo Promise. I was in the first Promise class.

I love teaching sixth graders and seventh graders. Plain and simple. The everyday idea of working on reading and writing gets me excited. My favorite part about education is finding the "holes" and trying to fill them. These holes are the areas of education that nobody talks about a lot or seem scary. This can range from writing in a math class to cultural responsive education.

I use the tools in the classroom to connect with other educators and students.


Element #2: Happy


Teachers should do more of what makes them happy. I created a list above of some of the things that make me happy. I also wanted to make a list of goals and dreams for myself to follow when times get tiring. Another passion is helping teachers learn how to insert "play" into their everyday routine. We should be able to have fun and grow. 

What makes you happy? As a teacher of writing, I use my happiness in writing to help others find joy.

Where is your joy? I use this element in coaching to increase the amount of joy you have in your teaching, or the amount of confidence you have in your writing.


Element #3: Love


I love my biggest support, my husband. He feeds my creativity and urges me to keep going for my dreams.

I love my school kids. I love the support system that is the teachers I work with on a daily basis. I have many things I love. When I am starting a writing project or doing writing camps with young people I will ask them, write down 100 things you love. This assignment seems tedious until they get going on it. If you are loving what you do, it shows. Simply, I strive to be a person that sends love into and around my world. 

What are 100 things you love? Maybe you don't have 100, but the things we love guide us. This is a critical coaching component because what you love drives your ambition, goals, and dreams. This is THE most critical aspect of coaching. I use this element to make your writing and your teaching of writing show your passions.


Element #4: Life


In life we need motivation, courage, and honesty.

In my writing coaching I seek these just the same way I seek them in my friendships. The reason I love talking writing is that the concept of the good conversation that helps others learn is the reason I get up and go to work with a pep in my step on a daily basis. I like to talk out problems and work through situations with writing. Life is a mutual process of give and take. This balance helps the writing teacher instruct others, and it influences their own writing. 

Let's talk writing!

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