The Best of Writing Mindset in 2017

#yearofselfish = #yearofself-realization


Last year at New Years, my friends and I dubbed 2017 the #yearofselfish. What this meant was engage in more awareness when it came to self-care, workout, invest in personal opportunity, meditate, seek out a work to life balance, and try new things. I definitely tried new things. Writing Mindset was a leap out of nowhere that constantly challenged me on one end because I thought of it as a personal business move, but I also saw it as a way to reflect on teaching. Writing Mindset simply was a way to connect to my teaching and share my teaching with others. I set up my LLC, invested in a website hosting platform that I thought was aesthetically pleasing, and then tried to write a lot. Then, I realized that writing and working full-time were more difficult than I ever imagined. 

What you see in this post is a journey of reflection and realization. I realized what would make me stop teaching and later I realized a shift in purpose for my blogging. At first, I wanted to share my writing teacher strategies with the world. Now, I am hoping to get smarter about those strategies and share these ideas with others so that we can build a community of teachers that invests in teaching as a long-term objective. Being a teacher has become temporary. Why wouldn't it? The long hours, the paperwork, the level of customer service, evaluations, expectations...Should I continue? With all of the demands placed on teachers, there has to be a way to figure it out and do this thing we call teaching, well, better. Better means in a way that we are not sacrificed for our mission in helping educate and inspire learning. I wanted to include a summative post to the year that archives my favorite and most viewed posts from 2017. It also demonstrates a clear transformation. These posts are the ones that really stand out. I started Writing Mindset this past year in February, and it is amazing how the purpose and mission of Writing Mindset has changed. I can't wait for 2018. 

Writing Mindset Reflection: How has your mindset changed in 2017? What endeavors are you looking forward to in 2018? Any resolutions for your mental, physical, social, or practical care?