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Writing Mindset is an online blog that started in February 2017. I like to write about the teaching of writing and reading, professional development for teachers, inspiration for teachers who also write, and self-care. 

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A Little More About Me…

I am a sixth-grade English teacher in Kalamazoo, MI. Writing Mindset started because I wanted a place to reflect, share, and also put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) my thoughts. I love writing. I have since I was little. I didn’t always love reading, but somehow the two worlds merged together into one when I decided to become an English Language Arts teacher. The things is, I figured out that reading and writing is just the way I do business, not the reason why. The reason why is in the joy I get out of working with students. Relationships drive education. It seems kind of fitting that a blog is about connecting and sharing-the same way that I do in my classroom.

In the third-grade, I found The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley with the help of an amazing librarian, Mrs. Reistrar. I was raised in a household where reading mattered, but whenever we went to libraries I was given the freedom to wander. If you fast-forward through my timelines you can see many different times where I chose to wander around stacks of books. Even on bad days now, you will find me in the bookstore with books. I don’t read as many horse books now, but the message has remained the same from when I was young: Give books to kids that they want to read. This may not always be about windows and mirrors; this may be about passion and heart.

My journey with writing has produced the blog, Writing Mindset. I started writing poetry when I was young. I would scribble my thoughts in verse from a young girl. It was a place of emotional release when I was frustrated. I hold this passion in my classroom and give time for students to write each week because they need it. We all need it. Writing is a way to communicate with the world, but more importantly, it is a way to communicate with our own selves. I still am grateful for Mrs. Lamp in 7th grade for making me learn how to diagram sentences, but I am more excited that I get to take the makeups of who I am as a reader and writer now and share them with my students, fellow teachers, and any readers that seem to make it to the blog.

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