Teachers Cultivating the Write Mindset.

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Writing Mindset strives to support teachers and facilitate conversation about the teaching of writing. We are all teachers of writing. We are all at risk of burnout. 


Words Blog

The Words Blog is a posting forum that is dedicated to the mental, physical, practical, and social care of the writing teacher. You will find writing strategies here, as well as ideas for rejuvenation for teaching and life. 

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Etsy Shop

Every writer needs the right tools. These are notebooks that my father and I make in his shop. They are handmade here in Kalamazoo, MI.

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Teachers Pays Teachers Store

I am listing tools that work for me in the writing classroom. I am also connected with amazing TPT authors and their shops. 

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About Me

I am a writing teacher who has often thought about not teaching anymore. As a middle school English teacher, I am working toward a work and life balance.

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We can make anything by writing. 

— C.S. Lewis