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Hi, I’m Stephanie!

It is so nice to meet you! Writing Mindset is a blog for literacy teachers who also write. I am a middle school teacher from Kalamazoo, MI dedicated to talking about the teaching of writing and reading, finding inspiration for my own writing, and balancing those two worlds with self-care.

Writing Mindset started because I wanted a place to connect with other teachers, and I needed an outlet for reflection on my craft and where I was going as a teacher. You will see my classroom work, hear about my strategies, and feel the emotions of what happens in my classroom. I am a teacher that focuses on writing, but Writing Mindset is also a place where my love of reading shines through on the screen and pages.

I recommend starting at the teaching blog to browse some of the latest posts or click on the about me page so you can learn more about the teacher behind the blog! Subscribe to the blog to stay in touch!



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First Draft Reading

On a blog, I always ask this question: “Where do I start?” The answer is, you start where you can get the best information that relates to your classroom! Below are links to my most visited posts to date. They truly represent the different areas of blogging that you will often see here on Writing Mindset:

  1. Use of mentor texts in writing and grammar instruction

  2. Diverse reads and cultural responsiveness/relevancy in teaching

  3. Bullet journaling and keeping a journal

  4. Teacher self-care

  5. Grading practices, strategies, and hints for the English Language Arts Teacher

We call this “first draft reading” because inevitably, we always come back for more drafts of reading when it matters. Click below to start exploring!

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