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First Week Reflections for the 2017-2018 School Year

It doesn't seem right that the school year is already heading into week three. I wanted to take a moment to pause as we approach the end of week two, and to take the time to reflect on how the first two weeks of school have gone. The goals for the first two weeks involves setting foundations, establishing systems, building community, and getting know to know each other in Writing Lab 615. There have been highs, mids, and lows in these two weeks. I am teaching on the split team this year. This means that I have two sections of General English 6, two sections of Advanced English 6, and one section of Advanced English 7. 

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How To Makeover a Middle School Syllabus Using Canva

The fall inevitably brings about the desire and need to change and update your course syllabus. I have been reflective this summer in trying to make all activities and handouts in my room purposeful and intentional. The syllabus is no different because it should be the means to an end in the method of communication regarding basic rules of the classroom. 

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