The Best of Writing Mindset in 2018

2018: Finding Strides in Writing and Teaching


As we close out 2018, I am so thankful for this tiny blog space that I share with you all. In January 2017, I started Writing Mindset as a way to reflect on teaching; however, it has transformed how I do business. I am constantly on the lookout for writing inspiration for the blog, and how I can put new ideas into my classroom to share. I sent out a newsletter to subscribers today talking to them about 2018 accomplishments. So much has happened this school year already that it seems a bit poetic to talk about endings…when we are in the middle. However, the end of 2018 marks many accomplishments in terms of blogging, writing, and reading. I wanted to take a moment to share these with you:

  1. Writing Mindset got a new design layout on the home screen. Each time I do this I am reminded that we can teach ourselves new skills all the time. I am in awe of people who do web design, and I love looking at the visual changes that have happened since January 2017 to the blog.

  2. There are currently 77 blog posts on the teaching blog. I can’t wait to add more in 2019!

  3. In 2017, I had 800 unique visitors to the blog with 3,489 page views. In 2018, I currently have 2,894 unique visitors to the blog with 4,697 page views. I love to celebrate small growths, too!

  4. Writing Mindset took on a new focus to help the teacher get away from burnout. By having the big conversations about practice, and the small conversations about strategy, maybe we can all stay teaching.

  5. The Mentor Text Resource Library is coming alive. I am beginning to share my mentor text resources with others as they strive to find passages from middle grade and young adult novels-like me-to share with students.

Top Posts

This information is so helpful to look at and is so surprising in some ways and in other ways not so much. If I reflect on the top six posts from this year, I can understand teachers and readers of Writing Mindset…

  1. Want more information about culturally responsive education and using diverse materials in their classroom.

  2. Want more information about how to organize and handle the paper load.

  3. Want to find an understanding on how to keep teaching when teaching is so difficult.

End of Year Posts (1).png

Writing Mindset Reflection: What were your accomplishments in 2018? What do you hope to bring into the new year? I am not one for resolutions, but I do believe we can also focus on something in and out of our classrooms to make us better teachers and better people. Share below!