Need to talk writing? 



Trust me, I get it. 

I can help. Using real-time classroom experience, we can talk writing strategies and interventions. 


Here is how it works:

1. Book some time to talk about writing. New clients get their first session for free. 

2. Expect an email within 24 hours with a form that helps me get to know you. In the meantime, you received a text message and an email confirming your appointment. 

3. Fill out the form. Choose how you want to meet. 

4. Brew coffee (or tea, or water, whatever your preference!)

5. Let's talk writing! During your appointment time expect a brainstorming session and some follow-up resources to help with your project. Expect us to have a conversation based on what has worked and not worked in my classroom and the classrooms I observe. 



Now Accepting New Writing Clients! Sign up for a meet n' write.

Introduction Meet N' Write-new clients only!* $0/free

Not sure if you need writing coaching? Let me show you all of the ways writing coaching can help you in or out of the classroom. New writing clients* can schedule a 15 minute meet n' write session. Before we jump right into the conversation, I will send you a quick form to fill out about your current project. These sessions can be great starting point for a project, or a really great way to provide an intervention. 

Example 15 minute meet n' write calls:

  • Lesson review and/or intervention (for the lesson plan that did NOT go as planned)
  • Writing teacher inspiration
  • Pre-service teacher coaching
  • Quick editing or proofreading projects

Writing meet n' writes are for new writing clients only*

Pre-Service Teacher? Let's talk about how to prepare for tests and certifications.

Pre-Service Teacher Coaching

Not sure about the entrance requirements needed to become a teacher? Don't know where to begin when it comes to studying for texts and exams around certification. The best advice is going to come from a person who has taken the tests, and can offer the right coaching needed to make sure you feel confident about getting into the College of Education. 

Example Pre-Service Teacher Coaching Services:

  • Coaching for the Professional Readiness Exam in Reading and/or Writing
  • Coaching for the English Subject Area Test

If you are a first time client, use the Meet N' Write booking option. If you are a returning coaching client, use the links below!


Already a client? Book some time based on your needs below. 


"The Quick Write" 15 Minute Coaching Session $15

Do you have a quick writing concern? Trying to break through writer's block? (Aren't we all) The 15 minute coaching call may solve your problems...without worrying about time. Sometimes, all it takes is 15 minutes of talking through a problem to get to fast results. 

Example 15 minute coaching calls:

  • Proofreading in an area of a paper
  • Lesson review and reflection for educators
  • Cover letter review
  • Resume or CV quick fixes

"The Short Story" 30 Minute Coaching Session $25

These sessions are more in-depth and cover more information. Perhaps you have a project you are working on and need to work out the kinks. Maybe you are doing a resume makeover and need more advice as you switch careers. I can help. Before our meeting, I will send you a reflection planner so you can benefit from EVERY single second of the coaching call. 

Example 30 minute coaching calls:

  • Unit plan makeover for educators
  • Resume makeover
  • Creative project that is larger or more complex
  • Review of an academic paper

"The Essay" 60 Minute Coaching Session $55

Full out project alert! These sessions are meant to cover a larger project, or give you more time to ask for feedback. I like to use these sessions for live-editing sessions or 1-1 tutoring.  Before our meeting, I will send you a reflection planner so you can benefit from every minute of our coaching session. 

In the Kalamazoo, MI area? Let's meet up.

Not in the area? Let's schedule a time to talk on the phone or find some screen time.  


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