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Writing Mindset is an online blog that started in February 2017. Writing Mindset is a blog and store that focuses on writing, professional development, inspiration for teachers who also write, and self-care. 

Links to the Etsy shop where I sell wooden notebooks can be found below and here.

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Writing outside of the classroom walls provides a new point of view…


The goal of the writing camps page…

is look at the variety of ways teachers can impact community by helping writers outside of the classroom. Explore the writing camps held at Western Michigan University in the summer, or look at day programming with Read and Write Kalamazoo, a non-profit organization.


Third Coast Camp for Young Writers, 2014

Western Michigan university

Literacy Buddies at King-Westwood Elementary, 2015

Read and write kalamazoo

Third Coast Camp for Young Writers, 2015

Western Michigan University

Third Coast Camp for Young Writers, 2016

Western Michigan University

Middle School Writing Camp, 2016

Read and Write Kalamazoo

Social Studies and Writing Workshop & Photography and Writing Workshop, 2016

Read and Write Kalamazoo

Third Coast Camp for Young Writers, 2017

Western Michigan University