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May Teacher Poetry Challenge 2019

I couldn’t help myself. I am still amused when I see the Justin Timberlake memes floating around during this week and all of the “first week of May” school year postings. This year, I wanted to try something a little different on the blog and for myself. I wanted to propose a challenge for my own writing life, and the reflection of those amazing writers around me to write every day in the month of May…about teaching. The May Teacher Poetry Challenge is not just for teachers, but it is designed to help those in the field of education reflect at the end of the year.

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Using Where I'm From Poems to Get to Know Your Writing Self

The only thing I remember of my grandmother is her hands. I was four when she passed away, but I am also said to be just like her. If you hold up her 15-year-old school portrait and my 15 year-old school portrait, they are mirror images. Besides the physical make up of our bodies, we are also said to have the same mannerisms....grit, determination, and being way too stubborn. Our story is many peoples' stories. One of the reasons I love talking about writing is the commonalities we have in being human. Now, I won't ever know my grandmother, but I use the stories that I hear to get to know her on a deeper level. 

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Confession From a Poet Who Loves Youtube

Calling all poets! Using Youtube as a connection and as serious motivation can get that pen moving. I confess, when I am facing writer's block, I will go to Youtube and check out some other artist's work. Yes, I said artists. Words are our canvas! Check out these Youtube poets who create beautiful images with their words. THIS is the remedy to writer's block: Youtube Poetry:

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